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People Tested® Media is a company focused on publishing content from regular people who have been “tested” by life and have come out of it with a story that helps others. Our mission is to produce books that will inform our audience about life lessons large and small. From preparing for retirement to using Bitcoins, the authors that team up with People Tested Media are here to enlighten their readers. We want our readers to be confident that the content they are reading is valid and reliable. Therefore, the authors we collaborate with are considered experts in their fields. Our goal is to better serve readers, authors, and fans alike. We love receiving feedback so please visit the Contact Us section to comment on our current titles or pitch your ideas for future titles.

We’re proud of our widely read line of “What’s the Deal with..?”® books which are authored by business leaders, executives, thought leaders and academics who are experts in their field.  These books provide a cost effective, reader friendly format that makes learning about a topic easy and informative.  People who read these books finish with knowledge they didn’t possess when they opened the book and a deep list of resources to gain even further information on the topic.  These books respect our readers and their time.


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