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We’re not a self publishing mill!  We don’t provide publishing consulting services!  You won’t end up with a garage full of books or the need to view a lot of self help videos that actually take time away from your ability to tell your tale!

We work with all levels of authors.  From already published ones to first time writers.  We work with business leaders and the small business owner building the next great Google or Apple in his or her garage or extra bedroom.

We also want people who have inspirational and motivating stories to tell.  Life can present many challenges.  If you’ve found yourself handling those challenges and coming out stronger, maybe you have a story that can help others.

We invest in our authors.  There may be times when it’s not a good fit but it’s always worth discussing if you have a tale to tell or feel that one of our book series can help you, your business or your ability to get your message heard by the world.

Whatever story you have or whatever expertise you have, there’s a place that People Tested Publications can partner with you.  Interested in talking further?

Call Jack at 609.644.2800 or email him at

You call also provide us more info through the Contact Us tab on the site.