An Elite Group of Financial Experts Team Up to Share Their Secrets for Addressing the Changing Needs for Retirement Income

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January 26, 2016: In the past, retirement planning efforts were solely focused on reaching “the number”, or what the value of our “nest egg” needed to be. For years, clients and advisers focused solely on this “account value” to gauge whether or not people were going to ever be able to retire. However, the current realities of increased healthcare costs, inflation, poor market returns and further aggressive actions from the government have led to reduced benefits and financial security that have changed the playing field for retirees!

A small, but growing number of elite financial experts are sounding the alarm that Americans need to change the focus from “the number” to “what do I get with that number?” They recognize that recreating a paycheck in retirement or funding the day to day needs for retirees has become more important than the journey to a specific “number.” The message that these financial experts is expressing is bringing into question many of the foundations that we created our retirement plans on – such things as 401(k)s, IRAs and Medicare. These plans were made before we knew about the benefits of Roth IRAs or the realities of how means testing raises Medicare costs, which requires that retirement planning now be refocused primarily on retirement income, not just the value of your “nest egg”!

What You Don’t Know About Retirement Income Can Hurt You!” is the result of bringing together eight of today’s leading financial experts to provide a compelling and readable guide on how to address the need to create secure retirement income in this current environment.  This book was written by an elite group of financial advisers, professionals and experts who have recognized that the rules of retirement have changed and they’re advising their clients accordingly. They have their ear to the current realities and demands of the financial marketplace, and are implementing strategies that are focused on helping their clients to navigate these new realities. They are professionals who understand the current realities of the industry and willing to venture out of their own “comfort zone” to find investment options that are most appropriate for their clients.

Jack Tatar, Publisher of People Tested Media, which published the book says, “This is a book that I was excited to publish because it allowed me to bring together a group of the finest financial experts who are working with clients to help them to create a secure flow of retirement income in a very challenging time in America.  As the focus of retirees needs to becomes more focused on retirement income rather than a singular focus on “the number” or “nest egg value”, it’s clear that Americans need to plan more effectively for living in retirement.  This book is the key to securing a retirement income that will allow retirees to love securely, safely and comfortably in their retirement years.”