An Elite Group of Financial Experts Team Up to Share Their Secrets for Addressing the Changing Needs for Retirement Income

January 26, 2016: In the past, retirement planning efforts were solely focused on reaching “the number”, or what the value of our “nest egg” needed to be. For years, clients and advisers focused solely on this “account value” to gauge whether or not people were going to ever be able to retire. However, the current realities of increased healthcare costs, inflation, poor market returns and further aggressive actions from the government have led to reduced benefits and financial security that have changed the playing field for retirees! A small, but growing number of elite financial experts are sounding the alarm that Americans need to … [Read more...]

Newly Released Book, “What’s the Deal with College Admissions” Reveals Keys to Get Into College of Your Choice for Any Level of Student

January 3, 2016: Every fall a new crop of high school seniors begins feverish work on their college applications, while their parents watch nervously from the wings. At the same time, incoming freshmen, sophomores and juniors worry about whether they’re doing all they should to prepare. With recent acceptance rates at the most selective colleges down to 25% at Vassar, 15% at Cornell and less than 6% at Harvard, it’s no wonder people feel daunted by the process. Today anyone planning to apply to selective colleges needs guidance, and the first step is to understand the changing admissions landscape. “What’s the Deal with College Admissions” … [Read more...]

Newly Released Book Provides The Missing Link for Businesses Who Want to Implement An Effective Work Force Cohesively and Safely

October 27, 2015: Judy Ryan has been a leading business consultant for decades and she’s finally decided to distill her knowledge into a powerful new book that is the latest book in the “What’s the Deal With..?” ® book series, entitled “What’s the Deal with Workplace Culture Change?” Judy Ryan, who runs the well known and highly regarded LifeWork Systems, which has worked with hundreds of major companies over the last decade, decided to finally write this book because as she says, “Organizational development books are forever focused on various strategies to help. What has been missing is a system on intrinsic motivation for the workplace … [Read more...]