Mona Molarsky on College Admissions – Must Hear Radio Broadcast

Mona Molarsky is the author of "What's the Deal with College Admissions?" and is an expert on the college admission process. She was recently on the David Holland radio show and her interview will air on Monday 9/12 on these stations: Listen Live Weekdays 12:00 Noon on 106.3 FM WNZF 12:00 Noon on AM 1550 WNZF Flagler County 9:00 am on 93.5 FM WNDB 9:00 am on AM 1150 WNDB Daytona Beach 9:00 am on 103.9 FM WSOS 9:00 am on AM 1170 WSOS St Johns County The program will also be on the website, (currently and on the Real Money Radio mobile app. It's a must listen for all who … [Read more...]

Fastest Growing Crime in the World Threatens to Affect Millions of People. New Book Reveals What Can Be Done to Address it.

August 15, 2016: The latest book in the “What’s the Deal with..?” series has just been published, and it examines the threat of identity theft, which affects millions of people every year. In 2015, identity theft was the number one consumer complaint at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Breaches at healthcare companies Anthem and Premera alone exposed 91 million consumer records to the bad guys. Today, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. Everything from your credit card information to your medical history is at risk. The author of the book, Robert Ryerson, talks about what led him to write his new book, “I began … [Read more...]

An Elite Group of Financial Experts Team Up to Share Their Secrets for Addressing the Changing Needs for Retirement Income

January 26, 2016: In the past, retirement planning efforts were solely focused on reaching “the number”, or what the value of our “nest egg” needed to be. For years, clients and advisers focused solely on this “account value” to gauge whether or not people were going to ever be able to retire. However, the current realities of increased healthcare costs, inflation, poor market returns and further aggressive actions from the government have led to reduced benefits and financial security that have changed the playing field for retirees! A small, but growing number of elite financial experts are sounding the alarm that Americans need to … [Read more...]

New Book Revives Interest in Reverse Mortgages as Effective Solution for Retirees

Shelley Giordano’s book, “What’s the Deal with Reverse Mortgages?” received a stellar review from a writer from the Chicago Tribune who has historically been skeptical of reverse mortgages. This is a trend that Giordano is noticing as her book is being picked up by more and more media outlets. Jack Tatar, founder of People Tested Media, the publisher of Giordano's compelling and innovative book says, "As more knowledgeable reviewers evaluate the contents of this book, they're recognizing that the poor perception of reverse mortgages is based on the old product and due to aggressive advertising to the wrong people. Giordano's book reveals … [Read more...]

“I Highly Recommend” Shelley Giordano’s Book from the Chicago Tribune

Shelley Giordano's book, "What's the Deal with Reverse Mortgages?" received a stellar review from a writer from the Chicago Tribune who has historically been skeptical of reverse mortgages.  Here's a snippet from the full review which is here. "I highly recommend "What's the Deal with Reverse Mortgages?" (People Tested Media), a new book by Shelley Giordano, principal of Longevity View Associates, a reverse mortgage consulting firm, and chair of the nonprofit Funding Longevity Task Force. It will help you understand options such as fixed vs. variable loans, the nuances of using credit lines and all of the mortgage fees. Giordano … [Read more...]