Celebrate One Year Anniversary of “Hospital Warrior” with FREE eBook Giveaway

Bonnie Friedman, author of “Hospital Warrior” is so thrilled by the response to her book that she’s celebrating the one year anniversary of the book’s publication with a free ebook giveaway from April 22-24, 2017.

Simply go the Kindle link on Amazon during this period and get a free ebook for yourself or a family member or friend.

The book is based on Bonnie Friedman’s own experiences fighting for her husband’s healthcare needs for more than 24 years and through 14 separate hospitalizations. “Hospital Warrior” lays out in direct, simple terms hard-learned and time-tested tactics to help ensure a loved one’s medical needs are met. “Hospital Warrior” also includes checklists and interviews with doctors and other healthcare professionals who provide essential tips and advice for the reader.

Quite simply, if you have a loved one in the hospital, don’t leave home without this book.

The book has garnered ONLY 5 STAR Reviews on Amazon.  Here’s what’s being said about the book:

“I consider this book to be the equivalent of Dr. Spock for hospital issues.”

“..a brilliant book for achieving the best care for a hospitalized loved one. With hospitalization rates increasing dramatically with age, anyone with an older spouse or parent will find this book exceedingly helpful. But Hospital Warrior is ESSENTIAL for those with a seriously ill loved one with one or more extended hospital stays.”

“I intend on carrying this book with me as an invaluable reference next time I head to the hospital for any reason.

If you have read the book or plan on reading it, please consider posting a review. For more info on Bonnie and her book, visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/hospitalwarrior/