New Book Challenges Conventional Wisdom Positioning Paleo and Primal Eating as a Cornerstone for Health

3D_book_cover-2May 27, 2015: People Tested Publications releases its latest book in their “What’s the Deal With..?” ® book series.  This new book addresses the Primal Eating lifestyle, which is turning the traditional views of nutrition on its head by reminding humans of their nutritional backgrounds from centuries ago. Noted expert, and living proof of the success of this lifestyle (she has been able to effectively manage her diabetes with this diet), Kelly O. Schmidt has written an accessible and heartfelt book called “What’s the Deal with Primal Eating and the Paleo Diet?”


Jack Tatar, Publisher of People Tested Media says, “I’m proud and excited to partner with Kelly on this book which addresses an important topic of our times – the confusion that most people feel about what they should and shouldn’t eat! Kelly’s book is straight from her heart and from her own experiences with combatting type 1 diabetes and discovering the Primal Lifestyle which has greatly improved not only her health, but the health of so many of her clients. This book is filled with scientific data and practical information that will allow her to continue to help improve the lives of so many other people – those who read this handy and yet, comprehensive book.”


In this book, Kelly provides the facts of how Primal Eating and the Paleo Diet can help improve the well-being and health of so many. She also examines, from her personal experience, how people need to not only understand their own nutritional needs and the difference between different diets, but the need to also recognize and analyze the current “food politics” landscape that provides misinformation and outright deceptions about the foods that so many of us are led to believe are good for us.


Included in this book are sample recipes that are not only simple and healthy, but that taste great! Kelly showcases a how-to on adapting the Primal Eating lifestyle by providing grocery lists, meal plans and addresses Paleo Diet needs, even when away from home and on the road.


Kelly’s passion for her topic comes out clearly in this book. “I’ve changed people’s lives, helped women conceive and improved A1C% levels in many,” she says. “The list goes on, but my clients make my day, and it’s all because they are learning to use food as medicine.”


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