New Fiction Trilogy Introduces New Genre of Metaphysical Romance Thriller; “The Unholy Ghost” first book in “The Unholy Trinity” trilogy


August 10, 2015: People Tested Publications has just released its latest fiction title called “The Unholy Ghost.” Its path to publication is as interesting as the story itself. Jack Tatar, publisher of People Tested Media encountered the book a couple of years ago in its original form as “Kia Kaha.” After reading the book and becoming impressed by the storytelling and the unique nature of the book, Jack reached out to the author, Christine Abrahams. A discussion ensued and it became clear that Christine was interested in building her story out to a trilogy but had suffered from what many self-published authors encountered – poor book sales. Jack was so taken by the ultimate story that Christine wanted to tell, that he asked if she would consider some changes and publish it, along with the two future books in the trilogy with People Tested Media.

“The Unholy Ghost” has been described as a journey of ideas and storytelling that combines the religious intrigue of Dan Brown with the magical worlds created by Margaret Atwood. It’s a non-stop, thrill ride adventure that also leads one to evaluate their own spiritual beliefs. In this thriller, you enter the world of horror encountered by two people who are destined to love and also fated to bear the next savior, while battling a mysterious force unleashed by the Roman Catholic Church aimed to save humanity. Sarah, a therapist with a spiritual nature and an affinity for the occult will bear a son who is destined to move humankind to its next evolutionary stage, or so says a prophecy. A prophecy that she only begins to learn about once she meets and falls in love with John, a Maori/Mexican retired New Zealand police officer with a powerful spiritual lineage. But the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope are bent on making sure that this prophecy never comes true and that the child is never born. Thus begins a dazzling and entertaining story that takes you on a whirlwind tour across the globe.

It’s the first in “The Unholy Trinity” trilogy, which will see publication of “The Unholy Father” and “The Unholy Son” over the next few years. Jack Tatar, publisher says, “This is a book that will challenge your beliefs and take you on a journey to the heart and soul of masterful storytelling. It takes you on an inspirational ride between Christianity and Maori spirituality that will send chills up your spine while lifting your spirits with the wonders of the human experience. Christine Abrahams provides a metaphysical romance thriller that is like no book you’ve ever read before.”

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