Newly Released Book, “What’s the Deal with College Admissions” Reveals Keys to Get Into College of Your Choice for Any Level of Student

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January 3, 2016: Every fall a new crop of high school seniors begins feverish work on their college applications, while their parents watch nervously from the wings. At the same time, incoming freshmen, sophomores and juniors worry about whether they’re doing all they should to prepare. With recent acceptance rates at the most selective colleges down to 25% at Vassar, 15% at Cornell and less than 6% at Harvard, it’s no wonder people feel daunted by the process. Today anyone planning to apply to selective colleges needs guidance, and the first step is to understand the changing admissions landscape.

“What’s the Deal with College Admissions” by Mona Molarsky offers students and parents an introduction to the new ground rules for college admissions. She lets you in on the current thinking in college admissions offices. Then she lays out the steps students should take during each year of high school to position themselves for college. Most of all, that means how applicants can make themselves stand out from the crowd. If students follow these steps from the beginning, they’ll get through their senior year feeling relatively calm.

“What’s the Deal with College Admissions” is the latest book in the “What’s the Deal With …”® series published by Jack Tatar, under the People Tested imprint. These books break down notoriously complicated subjects into easy-to-understand pieces.

“Like many parents today, my wife and I have been stunned by the high stakes college admissions process,” says Tatar, the father of one student in college and another who is college-bound. “I was relieved to find Mona, a highly experienced, independent college admissions counselor, who has written a straight-talking little book that demystifies the subject and explains how students can succeed while remaining sane at the same time.”

Mona Molarsky is a New York-based college counselor who serves clients throughout the nation. She graduated cum laude from Columbia University and has written for The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation and other publications. Her updates about college admissions appear on her website,

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