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Press Release Date Released PDF Link
America’s Safe Retirement Coach August 7, 2013 PRINT NOW
Having the Talk August 7, 2013 PRINT NOW
Safe 4 Retirement September 18, 2013 PRINT NOW
What You Don’t Know About Retirement Release January 3, 2014 PRINT NOW
What You Don’t Know About Retirement Reaches #1 January 31, 2014 PRINT NOW
People Tested Publications Releases New Book Addressing the Realities of Choosing a Retirement Community April 4, 2014 PRINT NOW
People Tested Publications Publishes New Book by Noted Author, Peggy Hoyt on Realities of Estate Planning in the New Century July 24, 2014 PRINT NOW
Noted Expert’s New Book Takes Parents on The Journey of Teaching Their Teens Time Management Skills February 9, 2015 PRINT NOW
“What’s the Deal with Bitcoins?” is First Independently Published Book to be Recorded on Bitcoin Blockchain February 17, 2015 PRINT NOW
Leading Estate Planning Expert and Attorney Provides New Book Outlining Steps Needed for Estate Administration April 2, 2015 PRINT NOW
New Book Challenges Conventional Wisdom Positioning Paleo/Primal Eating as a Cornerstone for Health May 27, 2015 PRINT NOW
New Fiction Trilogy Introduces New Genre of Metaphysical Romance Thriller; “The Unholy Ghost” first book in “The Unholy Trinity” trilogy August 10, 2015 PRINT NOW
Book’s Leap to Number One on Amazon Proves Interest in Reverse Mortgages is Increasing September 1, 2015 PRINT NOW
Much Needed Family Caregiver Guide Just Published to Help Families Challenged by ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease September 29, 2015 PRINT NOW
Book Involving Pulitzer Prize Nominated Story Releases in Time for National Caregiving Month October 21, 2015 PRINT NOW
Newly Released Book, “What’s the Deal with College Admissions” Reveals Keys to Get Into College of Your Choice for Any Level of Student September 29, 2015 PRINT NOW
An Elite Group of Financial Experts Team Up to Share Their Secrets for Addressing the Changing Needs for Retirement Income October 21, 2015 PRINT NOW
Author Draws on Personal Experience to Provide Tips, Tools, Advice in Her New Book on How to Be a Strong, Effective Advocate for Loved Ones in the Hospital April 26, 2016 PRINT NOW
Fastest Growing Crime in the World Threatens to Affect Millions of People. New Book Reveals What Can Be Done to Address it.
August 16, 2016 PRINT NOW