Texts With God

A daughter’s illness and a father’s desperate pleas for help lead to a texting session that may change many lives…including your own.

An email and attachment show up in a person’s inbox from someone he doesn’t recognize. Going against what he has been told, but listening to a voice within, he opens the attachment and finds a transcript of a texting session between a father of a dying daughter and someone who claims to be God.

The texts go on and provide the answers to many of the father’s questions, but will they provide him comfort as he deals with his daughter’s illness?

And WHY was the email sent to this person?

And WHO sent him the email?

Publisher’s Note: When we first encountered the manuscript for this book, we were unsure if it was the kind of book that we would publish. After reading it a few times, it reminded me of the impact that books like “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and “The Shack” had on me. This is a book to share with others. After reading it, please pass it on! The goal is to share its message with others.

Categories : Fiction