What’s the Deal with College Admissions

Even the Smartest College Applicants Need a Strategy!

The realities are that:

• Top colleges now accept less than 30% of their applicants.

• Ivy League schools typically admit less than 16%—some, including Harvard, Yale and Columbia, less than 7%.

• Thousands of students, even those with perfect grades and test scores, are rejected by their first-choice colleges.

Despite these odds, there’s hope. And, if you think you have to perform impossible contortions to get into the school of your choice, you’re wrong. You can be the real you and still get into a great college. But you need the right college admissions strategy.

Whether you’re aiming for a state university, an Ivy League school or a smaller private college, Mona Molarsky shows how to find the right fit and how to develop an effective strategy to present yourself.  She also explains:

• How starting early can boost your chances

• Why being valedictorian won’t guarantee success

• Why what you do outside school matters

• How applying for Early Admission can give you an advantage

• When an Ivy League school may actually be your most affordable choice

Every high school student and their parents need to be prepared for college admissions, and every one of them should have this book to have the best chance for admission to the school of your choice.

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