What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women?

Why is retirement planning different for women?

Women are completely comfortable talking about many “M-word” topics: their marriages, motherhood and their mothers, merlots and martinis, mammograms and menopause. But, bring up money and the conversations often screech to a halt. Ask how prepared a woman is for retirement and she can tell you the exact date when she wants to retire, but not how much money she’ll need for a 30-year retirement.

In this thought-provoking, but non-traditional, fun approach to planning for a woman’s retirement, Marcia Mantell guides women through the key questions they’ll need to answer before they will be prepared to retire. In What’s the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women?, you’ll get

  • Realistic perspectives on retirement in the new era,
  • A treasure trove of resources to get started, and
  • Practical examples of how other women are dealing with redesigning and reinventing retirement.

Ten key questions are discussed and you may be surprised by the answers! While no two women will have the same retirement or financial resources, there are common topics that each woman needs to address.

While this book offers financial information, it also focuses on

  • How to start defining your future years,
  • How to use the skills of running your household to manage your retirement, and
  • Why doing what you love will continue to be a key activity in retirement.

It also provides a critical overview into Social Security, which is often the foundation of income for most women in retirement.

This book should help you feel more confident and empowered to own your own retirement and future. It will give you a terrific roadmap for how to plan for the future you deserve and help you to make your retirement the best time of your life!

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