People Tested Podcast – March 2016 – Judy Ryan on Workplace Culture Change

Judy Ryan, author of "What's the Deal with Workplace Culture Change?" and owner of LifeWork Systems, speaks with Jack Tatar about how she helps businesses of all sizes to address the need to improve employee productivity and attitude. "What's the Deal with Workplace Culture Change?" is designed to answer the most fundamental questions about workplace culture change. They include: 1. How do I assess the condition of my workplace culture? 2. What do my Senior Team and I need to learn and commit to do? 3. Why would we transform our workplace culture? 4. What should we transform from, into? 5. How can I protect my reputation, grow my … [Read more...]

Newly Released Book Provides The Missing Link for Businesses Who Want to Implement An Effective Work Force Cohesively and Safely

October 27, 2015: Judy Ryan has been a leading business consultant for decades and she’s finally decided to distill her knowledge into a powerful new book that is the latest book in the “What’s the Deal With..?” ® book series, entitled “What’s the Deal with Workplace Culture Change?” Judy Ryan, who runs the well known and highly regarded LifeWork Systems, which has worked with hundreds of major companies over the last decade, decided to finally write this book because as she says, “Organizational development books are forever focused on various strategies to help. What has been missing is a system on intrinsic motivation for the workplace … [Read more...]