“What’s the Deal with Bitcoins?” is First Independently Published Book to be Recorded on Bitcoin Blockchain

February 17, 2105: People Tested Publications is proud to announce that its book, “What’s the Deal with Bitcoins?” has become the first independently published book to be recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain. The book was one of the first books published about bitcoin when it was released in May, 2013 and launched the innovative “What’s the Deal With..?” ® book series that now includes titles on topics as varied as estate planning, teens and time management, retirement communities, self- publishing and an upcoming book on the pale diet.

With the assistance of David Berger and Dan McArdle of the Digital Currency Council, the book was recorded in bitcoin block #343846 today at 1:01am EST. This process irrefutably timestamps the existence of the book with potential implications for copyright and IP management. Anyone can verify the transaction.

Dan McArdle explains the process as providing a valid and defined method for copyright that indicates that the book exists at a specific time in history. “First off, the Bitcoin blockchain is a secure, irrefutable record of transactions. No one controls the Bitcoin blockchain, and immense computational power keeps it secure. That combination means that the data stored in the Bitcoin blockchain can’t be rationally contested. If the blockchain contains a transaction, that transaction did indeed happen at the time it was recorded.” By placing the book on the Blockchain, anyone can irrefutably verify that the book existed on February 17th 2015 using the open Bitcoin blockchain.

Jack Tatar, Publisher of People Tested Publications and co-author of the book says, “It’s an exciting time that we live in. The Blockchain is an amazing technology. I don’t think that we’ve even scratched the surface of what it can provide, above and beyond the transfer of bitcoins. When I first learned that it would be possible to place Ryan’s and my book onto the Blockchain, I was thrilled. The fact that it is the first time that an independent book publisher (my company, People Tested Publications) has done this is further validation that technology is not only changing how people view money but how they view books and the book publishing industry. As the music and film industries have changed over the last few years because of technology, so has the book industry. Whenever I publish another book for my publishing company, I think of all of those people who didn’t have the technology for self- publishing that we have now and for years went to their graves with only a slew of rejection slips and unpublished manuscripts. It’s for them that I’m proud to be the first independent book publisher to have my book recorded on the Bitcoin Blockchain. We live in exciting times and I’m glad that People Tested Publications, our books and authors are part of it.”